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National Coalition of Girls Schools: Beyond the Book Series
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Four Sessions starting Jan. 21, 2020


Rutgers Graduate School of Education

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity, and Justice & Rutgers Center for Minority Serving  Institutions 
Leading Schools, Leading Girls: Preparing for the Future

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Seminary Place, Suite 110, New Brunswick, NJ  08901

Topic:   Trauma is an Invisible Backpack: How that Backpack Affects Students, Educators and Communities

Description:  We live in a world filled with trauma caused by a myriad of events ranging from the Pandemic to racial and ethnic discrimination to natural disasters to shootings in schools and streets to economic and political upheavals to family dysfunction.  This presentation will focus on understanding the role and impact of trauma and its symptoms on our educational system.  We know that trauma impacts learning and the psychosocial development of students at all ages and stages.  We know too that educators are impacted by primary, secondary and vicarious trauma.  We strongly suspect there is the intergenerational transmission of trauma.  Despite its omnipresence, we often do not recognize trauma and even when we do see it, we are unaware of the many strategies that can be employed to ameliorate its acute and deferred impacts.  This presentation will provide insights into how we can address trauma (not eliminate it as it never goes away), including readily accessible concrete strategies that will help students, educators and communities. We can and should have hope because we know that if we can name trauma, then we can then tame it and frame it.  There will be opportunities for questions and answers.




Can Schools Be a Place for Healing Trauma?

Join author Karen Gross for a Zoom chat on her book Trauma Doesn’t Stop at the School Door to explore whether schools can be a place for healing trauma. She will be joined by Ed Wang, a psychologist; Sakina McGruder, a kindergarten teacher; and Pat Neal, a former teacher and middle school administrator.

Moderated by Brian Ellerbeck, executive acquisitions editor at Teachers College Press

For more about the book: https://www.tcpress.com/trauma-doesn-t-stop-at-the-school-door-9780807764107

About the Panelists:
Karen Gross is an author and educator; she serves as an instructor of continuing education at Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work and visiting professor at Bennington College.

Ed Wang is the Director of Policy and Planning, Division of Global Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School.

Sakina McGruder is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) with 18 years of experience with both elementary and intermediate aged students. She is currently teaching kindergarten and is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

Pat Neal served as a teacher in DC Public Schools, after which she worked in Fairfax County Public Schools during which period she served as an elementary school teacher and school counselor, and as middle school counselor and school director of student services.

Time: Wednesday, January 27 at 5 PM EST

RSVP: bit.ly/healing-schools