Trauma Toolbox: A How-to Guide

The Trauma Toolbox How-to Guide is designed to help students, families and educators (among others) deal with stress, anxiety and trauma. It does this by focusing on our senses (7 of them), and the Toolboxes can be adjusted to reflect the age, stage, context, culture and needs of the users.

Keenly aware of Pandemic constraints, this Guide shows how individuals or groups can create the Trauma Toolbox (both the outside and the inside) and then provides a set of strategies for how the Toolbox can be utilized. It also details why Trauma Toolboxes work and how they can help so many individuals. This Toolbox (along with The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set co-authored with Dr. Ed Wang) is rooted in my recent adult book, Trauma Doesn’t Stop at the School Door (Teachers College Press June 2020) and provides a direct way of animating the key principles from that book in practical in-the-trenches ways that are applicable to classrooms, family settings and community organizations.

The Trauma Toolbox How-to Guide is available as a digital download directly from the author for just $1.99. The link below will take you to the Karen Gross Education store.

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