Tongue Twisters and Beyond: Words At Play Book Paperback

This word play book, comprised of many different and unusual types of word games including tongue (brain) twisters and spoonerisms, has several key goals. First, this book is intended to provide fun for all who use it, children and adults alike. Operating off the principle, Laugh2Learn, this book enables users to see the many ways in which words can be animated while at home, in school, on car trips, or in doctor’s offices. Second, this book can be used by parents and teachers to help children navigate difficult times including school closures and other debilitating events. When other learning is stalled or children can’t concentrate well if at all, they can try a tongue twister; it will provide laughter and levity and learning all at once.  This right priced book will also animate the trauma responsive strategies of the best selling new adult release, Trauma Doesn’t Stop at the School Door (Teachers College Press, 2020).  Try it; you and your children/students will like it.