The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set

The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set is a digital resource to help students, families, teachers, community members identify their feelings including feelings generated by Covid-19 and recent racial tensions. You may purchase this activity set and print the pages to experience the exercises, drawings and images.

The premise of The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set, co-authored by Dr. Ed Wang and Karen Gross, is that it is critically important to be able to name one’s feelings (negative and positive ones alike).

If you cannot name feelings, then you cannot tame them.

Since feelings lead to thoughts and behaviors, identification of feelings is a first step in managing the difficult times we are in globally with social distancing, protests, masks, school reopenings in a myriad of forms, transitions of a wide-ranging sort and uncertainty.

The many activities offered can be done in short increments of time and can be done with others or alone.  And, they can be repeated because feelings change, another valuable observation.

This activity set can be used by people of all ages and stages; the activities can be ramped up and down. And, they are fun and engaging. It is NOT a work book — with the emphasis on work.

Instead, it is about finding a pathway into one’s feelings. It is right priced too so it can be used by many without financial stressors.

It is our hope that when you use The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set you will share the results with us, including additional exercises, drawings and new images. We will also create an online forum for sharing and we will post new editions of The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set that include the work of our readers within them.

The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set is available as a digital download directly from the author for just $4.99. Users may print the pages for use. The link below will take you to the Karen Gross Education store.

About the Authors

Karen Gross

Karen Gross is an author and educator who specializes in trauma and student success academically and psychosocially. In addition to her writing and speaking engagements, she teaches students of all ages and at all stages from PreK through graduate school. She is the author of more than nine children’s books (in addition to her adult books), all of which are trauma responsive. She is the pet parent of the Feeling Sleuth-Hound.

Ed K.S. Wang, M.S., Psy.D.

Edward K. Wang, a grandparent and psychologist, promotes the social and emotional well-being of children across the globe. As the Director of Policy and Planning for the Division of Global Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, a former member of the National Advisory Council, Department of Health and Human Services and a public steward of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, he continues to call attention to the resiliency and hope, growth and healing of mental ill adults and children.

Ed K.S. Wang, M.S., Psy.D.

Director of Policy and Planning

Chester M. Pierce MD Division of Global Psychiatry

Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Part-Time

Harvard Medical School



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