What is Lasticity?

What does Lasticity actually Mean?

Tapestry by Mary Corey March

This book offers a new way of understanding and then narrowing this persistent and unacceptable achievement gap, through the development of a construct (replete with a new word that I hope will enter the lexicon) called “lasticity.” As a threshold matter, this approach puts its attention on both the breakaway students who succeed (not fail) and the institutions that serve them. It is a move away from our current “deficit” model for education.

Lasticity is a rich concept and process and descriptor that explains the remarkable capacities of breakaway students and the needed and oft-absent or unrecognized capacities of the institutions that serve them. It is rooted in reciprocity. Lasticity, as defined and described here, is grounded in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, education, trauma theory and moral philosophy.

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Prediction in Education for 2017: Powerful Protests

The views expressed herein are my own and do not represent the opinions of any institution or entity with whom I work.

Crystal balls seem to be in short supply these days. Every day is filled with the unexpected and then the following day offers up even more surprises (not all of them good). When pollsters get things all so wrong, making a prediction for the world of education in 2017 is like walking down a street filled with potholes (of which there are many). Stated simply, it is easy to stumble.

That all said, here is my prediction — and what is perhaps more important than what I offer up here is a discussion of how folks within and outside inside institutions will respond if the prediction proves right. In other words, with the prediction comes a reaction and response that is needed — and, therein lies the deeper and more complex challenge. And, I hope LINKEDIN will circle back in 2018 and see how well the predictions panned out.

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Is a Presidential Inauguration Political?

Note: The views expressed are my own and do not represent the positions of any organizations or colleges with whom I work.

The President of Talladega College, the oldest Historically Black College in Alabama, just asserted that a presidential inauguration is a “civil ceremony celebrating the transfer of power.” This stance is what enabled President Hawkins to decide ultimately that the College’s Marching Band, despite considerable dissent on and off campus, could perform at the upcoming Trump Inauguration. The event was, after all, non-political.

I beg to differ.

I understand the value of students participating in democratic events, seeing our government in action and the peaceful (one hopes) transition from one leader to another.

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