These are difficult times. That is for sure. We know too that positive feelings are important and to think positively, we need three positives for every one negative.

That is why I created this Positive Feeling Tree. Each day, we take positive feelings from a jar filled with them (a gift from a friend) and we read them and put them on the tree.

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Each saying is different and they can inspire differently, depending on the day and the mood and the time. Some appeal more to some people than others.

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The nice thing about this tree is that we can actually illuminate the feelings at night — and they shine and send cheer and positivity across the table and for all to see.

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Try a Positive Feelings Tree!

And if you want help identifying feelings, try The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set. It has lots of activities that name feelings and one can use those to create positive sayings (unless one gets pre-made ones like those shown here).

It’s available at and is right priced for download at $4.99.

Share your trees here. Share your sayings. Share how your tree is doing in help you and your family.

P.S. Our newest saying: Don’t Give Up; Good Things Take Time.

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