Holidays are hard for many generally and now specifically. So, here’s something to try whether you are near or far, in person or remote: Tongue twisters!

Yes, really. They have a long educational history. They promote learning and enunciation. They build vocabulary. They showcase mistake making and trying again. They enable laughter among young and old. They are plain fun.

Try this downloadable right priced PDF — it can be ordered by several families and the tongue twisters tried (they are listed alphabetically). There are other word games in the book and one can also create one’s own tongue twister.

Then, share with all of us your favorites and stories of using them. Share with me and I look forward to sharing your holiday with you through learning and enjoyment at a difficult time.

Think about it this way — and I adore sports. When board games and sports and tv movies and other things wear thin, tongue twisters are here!!!

Here’s the link to them:

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