Trauma-Sensitive book “My Pocketbook” promotes an understanding of the import of transitional objects for all.

Karen Gross’ books … leave you hanging on every word. She always captures you, embraces you, educates you and leaves you with a huge smile on your face with a sense of understanding and total glee.”

— Jackie Coogan, Adjunct Faculty, Bunker Hill Community College, Spring 2022

BOSTON, MA, USA, June 22, 2022 / — Two educators have co-authored a story, which they and their children and grandchildren illustrated, about a pocketbook. My Pocketbook (on sale June 30) is the story of why we carry pocketbooks, what we place in them, how we worry if they are lost and how they give us comfort. In these difficult times in our nation and across the globe, pocketbooks can be characterized as transitional objects, helping us feel at home whether we are at home or not. Pocketbooks enable us to deal with separation and its anxiety. The story also touches on teasing and bullying, a far too common phenomenon.

The story is followed by a series of questions to engage readers young and old. There are opportunities for readers to share their own stories, create their own pocketbooks and unravel the history of pocketbooks – they originated centuries ago and were also used by men! This story is trauma-sensitive, specifically designed to encourage engagement, connection, creativity, and a deep belief in the power of lessening trauma’s impact, including through stories told and retold and shared and reshared.

About the Authors

Susanne Demetri is a retired religious educator who has also volunteered at nursing homes in MA. She is the inspiration for this story, and some of the illustrations were created by her granddaughter, Mabel.

Karen Gross is an author, educator and artist who specializes in trauma and has written both adult and children’s books. She has illustrated some of the pocketbooks in the story. Sue and Karen are next door neighbors and consider themselves two lost sisters that were meant to find each other and did. Learn more about Karen Gross at

The book is available in digital format as well as print through and other retailers.

Paperback $19.95

Kindle eBook $9.99

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My Pocketbook is narrated by Wendy Sager Pomerantz and was edited and produced by Matt Corey.

The book may be listened to at this link for free: